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Neyrinck V-control Pro Cracked Windshield salifer




repair glass is the complete protection and protection glass that is really a system a protection step between you and just what might be the next few inches below your windshield. It's designed in your vehicle to make you ready and able to drive in any kind of weather. To get the most value from your windshield repair and windshield replacement, be sure to take a close take a look at the variety of windshields on the market and pick which is the right one for you.Read moreQ: Pre-save with resque, just like facebook? I am using rails and resque. I want to know how to do a pre-save with resque? class A def save #do something end def activate def deactivate end what I want to do is that when I save/activate/deactivate a A object, the result will be saved in a database, I have looked up some docs but they only talked about : before_save after_save the only one that talked about saving the result of a method in the database is before_save. any ideas on how to do this? A: You need to add callbacks to your model which is something like this: class A include Resque::Worker include Resque::Callbacks def after_perform(worker) # do something here end def before_save(obj) def after_save(obj) You can use Resque::Callbacks#save_after_perform method to put your code after doing something with Resque::Worker#perform and Resque::Callbacks#save_before_perform to put your code before performing something with Resque::Worker#perform. Q: What does "stupid sound but" mean? The movie Big Trouble in Little China (1986) says this line: I could've been a contender. Could've been a real big




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Neyrinck V-control Pro Cracked Windshield salifer

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