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Ashram Updates and Durga Puja 2019

Durga Puja 2019

Matajis in Puja in the Ashrama worship room

We have been continuing the basic activities of the Ashram during the summer and monsoon months. Nitya Puja is being observed, and the school children staying at the Ashram are continuing their studies.

The Managing Committee members are visiting the Ashram regularly for proper management, and all is well there.

We have been in constant touch with Sarada Math, Dakshineswar and have received their blessings and encouragement in continuing the activities at the Ashram. It was our late Maharaj’s constant wish to be in close touch with Sarada Math and we have been fortunate to do that so far. During the Durga Puja days, we were blessed with the presence of senior Matajis of Sarada Math. They stayed at the Ashram for about a week, and conducted Chandi Path, Durga Puja and evening arati in line with Sarada Math traditions. They also visited Rahunathji’s Mandir and Chandrabadani, and we hope

they enjoyed the atmosphere of Devprayag.

This year we have not been able to host visitors and sanyasis at the Ashram, as Maharaj used to do. This has been a matter of deep regret and we sincerely apologize to the all for that.

We trust devotees will understand and cooperate with us, and we request for your forbearance.

Best regards,

In the service of Sri Ramakrishna,

Jayant Sarkar


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