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Update from Devaprayag Ashrama

Thank you all for your support so far.

With your continued support and best wishes, the legacy of our beloved Maharaj is intact at Devprayag.

Over the last 2 months, the Ashrama activities have stabilized.

We celebrated Thakur’s Tithi Puja in a small way at the Ashrama on 8th March 2019. Flowers and food offerings were made to Thakur, and Ma & Swamiji, as we prayed for their blessings for the welfare of

the Ashrama. The 4 school boys who stay at the Ashrama, are carrying on with their studies. They help in looking after the Ashrama, and continue with the evening prayers as they used to do. The members of the Managing Committee are making periodic visits to the Ashrama to ensure proper upkeep and functioning.

We are still not encouraging casual visitors to come and stay at the Ashrama.

Continuing the tradition of the Ashrama, our next celebration will be during Navratri. We will do this as a token of our humble respect, to our beloved Maharaj.

We plan to have a special puja of Thakur, Ma and Swamiji on Ashtami 13th April, on the 5th anniversary of the inauguration of the shrine.

On Ram Navami 14th April, we will celebrate the Ashrama inauguration day, with a special puja for Raghunathji.

Devotees are welcome to visit the Ashrama during these days. However, transportation and accommodation will have to be personally arranged at their own cost. Necessary coordination can be done by the Ashrama, on request.

The SBI bank account is operational, and devotees can continue to send their contributions for the Ashrama, to that account (SBI Ac No 30932831669, IFSC - SBIN0014135). Please do not send to the PNB bank account now, till we can activate it.

We request you to join us in praying to Thakur, Ma and Swamiji to bless the Ashrama.

And, may the spirit of our beloved Maharaj live on in Devprayag.

Best regards,

In the service of Sri Ramakrishna,

Jayant Sarkar


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